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Preparing to Downsize: FAQ

Lady Senior Transition Pros
  • What are the different options for the “next” home?
    There are several options. First, we will evaluate the care needed, affordability and location desired. This service is always free to your family. Some of the options are condominiums, 55+ communities, independent or assisted living communities or memory care. Our specially trained staff and partners will help guide you to the best option.
  • Is this a family business?
    Yes. We started this company with family values at the center of all we do.
  • Mom has broken a hip and can’t go home. Where do we start?
    Don’t worry. This is a common occurrence. All too often the search for a senior living option is unexpected. Give us a and we can help guiding you through the process very quickly.
  • What are the options to sell the house?
    There are 2 options we will explore. They are selling fast for cash or traditional listed home for sale. Jeff (Senior Transition Founder) holds a REALTOR® license in the State of Ohio. The JS Realtor Team will market and sell the home for the maximum price in the market. You can confidently know that we will evaluate both options and allow you to make the best decision for your situation.
  • What are the fees?
    Many of our services are FREE to the family. Steps 1 & 2 are always FREE.
  • Mom’s house needs repairs before selling. What can you do to help?
    We can help with all repairs. However, we will first evaluate the situation to see what is necessary and/or valuable to the sale. We do not want you wasting money. Your priority is the care of your loved one or yourself.
  • Do you move other people?
    No. We only help seniors. Our team is specially trained in helping families during this stressful time. We take extra care to ensure a stress-free transition.
Lady Senior Transition Pros

Experience an Easier Senior Transition with us. 
Why Wait?

Please reach out if you or a family member is thinking about the next stage of life. The sooner you begin the better prepared you will be.
Please do not wait until an accident forces a decision. 

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